Caws x smackdown! vs raw 2006 [archivio]

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Caws x smackdown! vs raw 2006 [archivio]

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw -- Superstar Series. Clothes - Men's 1 Black 2. Wrist Bands 1 43,50,0,0 2. John Cena's Shorts 1: 1. Pants 2 Make them Extra Dark-Blue 2. Place it on the Left side of the Shorts. Place it on the Right side of the Shorts. John Cena's Shorts 2: 1. Clothes - Men's 1 - Pattern 12 81,62,44 2.

Place it on the middle of the chest. John Cena's T-Shirt 2: 1. Place it on the middle of the back. John Cena's T-Shirt 3: 1. Clothes - Men's 1 White 2.

caws x smackdown! vs raw 2006 [archivio]

Pattern WWE 60 89,65,50, Largest. Carlito's T-Shirt: 1. Clothes - Men's 1 33,34,61 2. Pattern WWE 55 - Largest. Pattern WWE 56 - Largest.This game has unused playable characters. This game has unused sounds. This game has regional differences. This game has revisional differences. WWE SmackDown! Raw introduced the General Manager mode and saw the start of the infamous Undertaker Curse; Eddie Guerrero died several days after the game was released, where the season mode featured a cutscene of casket match which the Latino Heat lost to 'Taker.

It was also the last game in the series published by Yuke's under the Exciting Pro Wrestling banner in Japan, as that turned out to be a legal headache for all parties involved. There were 15 characters removed from this game.

SD! vs RAW 2011 Cafs

Throughout the series, the roster would be updated for each game with each character being assigned their own character slot. This included non playable characters as well. Instead of replacing removed characters, the game developers simply created new character slots for new models in later games.

Data relating to removed characters would be deleted, but the character slot would remain. These were referred to as "No Models" by the modding community, simply because there was no character model assigned to these character slots.

Rawbut not in this game. One example is that The Rock is always assigned the first slot in this series, even inwhere he isn't playable. Unlike later games in the series, character information was not completely removed from the No Model slots.

They still have full attributes and complete move sets listed. Interestingly, there are three additional No Model slots with move sets for characters already in the game: Mr.

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Raw now a costume for his current self with slightly different attributes but an identical move set, and one containing British Bulldog's attributes and move set. This slot was intended for British Bulldog for the previous game's roster but wasn't implemented properly due to the developers being unable to resolve licensing issues on time. Strangely, the second of the 15 No Model slots seems to be for a fictional character. His move set is quite unique and uses moves that are not used by any WWE performer at the time.

He also has very high attributes, being the only character to have an Overall rating of exceeding the 99 maximum. In later games, this specific character slot would be used instead for additional AI data that related to all male characters. Also in the game are 6 unused announcer introductions for Maven, Kenzo Suzuki and Mr. They consist of a short version where only their name is announced, and a longer version which includes their weight and home town.

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This is the only reference to Suzuki in the entire series as many of his trademark moves and mannerisms would never be included. There are characters which are not normally playable that can be unlocked through hacking, said characters usually appearing in some of the Career Mode's cutscenes as well as staff characters during matches.

Some of them even have selection screen images. In most cases, they all have a generic move set and basic attributes 0.

Please contact us via Discord or Twitter if you experience any problems.

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From The Cutting Room Floor. Unused Characters. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 11 Juneat Content is available under Attribution 3.Go to the basketball place in the match where there is a big pillar. Irish whip your opponent into the pillar and a TV will be dropped from the stand.

Finish the entire game on legend using Rey Mesterio - including getting all the trophies - and you will get Bobby Lashley. Finish a year in both Smackdown!

Create a CAW that is a super heavyweight and raise his attributes as high as you can by playing in season mode.

Then go to the CAW menu and make a copy of him. Go into the copied wrestler's profile and change his weight to DIVA weight and exit. Exit CAW by going to continue but don't save. All the experience points from the copied wrestler will disappear and be placed back in your experience pool.

You'll get a ton of experience points and can do it over and over. Leave the ring and irish whip your opponent into the steps. They should just fall off to be used as a weapon. In challenge mode, go against Player Two and knock him down and pin him. Player Two must not push any thing as this will break up the pin and visa versa. For the Wrestlemania 21 heavyweight championship match, start a season with Triple H. At the royal rumble, win it.

Make sure Batista is the heavyweight champ. At some time either after the royal rumble or after Stone Cold becomes general manager of Raw, it will say that if you win this tag match or single match, you get to say what sort of match you want at wrestlemania.

Win the match and say a normal match. Then at Wrestlemania, it will be Batista vs Triple H. The easiest way to get an unbelievably high rank in the Slobber Knocker match is to go on the turnbuckle closest to the side where the superstars come to fight you top right turnbuckle and bottom right turnbuckle. When they come in immediately jump on them which will get your finisher - do your finisher which should finish them off. You will tear the horns from his bonnet and you can use them like a sledgehammer.

When given the option to continue, skip, or choose a diva, choose to skip. Normally skipping will sim the match, but it will make the match a 6-man over-the-rope match. Have you ever needed your special at a certain time? Well now you can get it easily. When you are in exibition mode or Season Mode your wrestler, is either a dirty or clean wrestler.

For Clean wrestlers, you need to jump off the turn buckle and your momentum should go up then do some moves and then jump off the turnbuckle again and then your momentum should be full then you can lock in your special. For dirty wrestlers you can untie the turnbuckle by pressing square when you are near it, then you can irish whip your opponent into the exposed steel. Other ways are if you are pinning your opponent and then press square your momentum will go up and also if you argue with the ref when it's a close count.

Another way is to turn DQ off and get wepons and use them on your opponent and you can beat up the ref. When you play a Hell in a Cell match - preferablly single - go to the top of the cell and wait till your opponet comes up.

When they do, do any kind of hard kick or punch, which will send them flying off the cell. Do it about four times then pin them for the match. Before you do this make sure that count out is on. First you tag your partner so that he is the legal man. Next all you have to do is grab your opponent who is the legal man and irish whip throw him outside of the ring and keep him out there any way you can until the ref counts to ten. Your team will be the winner by count out.

When your fighting and your a cruiserweight, run to the ropes and while your bouncing off the ropes, qickly press square and X at the same time.Use these codes to modify a CAW's call name.

Once more work is done on in finding these codes values, it will possible to give a CAW a superstar's call name. Recommended Posts. Posted November 21, CAW 2 DF ???? CAW 4 E ???? CAW 5 E ???? CAW 7 E ???? CAW 8 E ???? CAW 10 E ???? CAW 11 E ???? CAW 13 E33A4 ???? CAW 14 E ???? CAW 15 E3F04 ????

CAW 16 E44B4 ????

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CAW 17 E4A64 ???? CAW 18 E ???? CAW 19 E55C4 ???? CAW 20 E5B74 ????

caws x smackdown! vs raw 2006 [archivio]

CAW 21 E ???? CAW 22 E66D4 ???? CAW 23 E6C84 ???? CAW 24 E ????Bahasa Indonesia. PS2PSP.

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Moderated by: gchierico91 gchierico91Melon Melon. By Melon Melon. Last updated 2 Nov RAW has a very unique season mode.

SD! vs RAW 2011 Cafs

What does LT mean? This is where those questions, and more, will be answered!

SVGR - WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 (PS2)

Both brands have "Ready to Rumble" and "Road to Wrestlemania" storylines, though they differ between brands, and both brands have two World Champions during the "Road to Wrestlemania" storyline that affects the storyline you have and the matches that take place. No LT - This category does not allow characters that are playable in Season Mode, but involved in any story for their respective brand. This is because their involvement in a storyline you would play through otherwise means that they compete in the "Legends Tour" storyline instead.

The list below details which superstars are banned from this category, and which storylines are replaced by Legends Tour in their run.

caws x smackdown! vs raw 2006 [archivio]

For SD! All above characters are NOT allowed for this category, and any categories that select this will be encouraged to move their run to the LT section. Skips, other than the Royal Rumble which turns the match from a 30 man Rumble to a 6 man over the top rope battle royal with your character and 5 other random wrestlers, are not allowed, nor is the "Quit Match" option. Leaderboards have been established but you are not encouraged to run this mode as it is largely just menuing.

LT - Any wrestlers in the above list apply for this mode. All rules above apply. Games Streams Forums More Home Games Streams Forums. Log in Sign up. Forgot password. Log in Forgot password Cancel. Sign up Cancel. WWE SmackDown! Last updated 2 Nov Smackdown!WWE SmackDown! Raw is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments.

Raw Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page. Raw in The main focus of the game is to bring more realism and authenticity to the series with many new features, breaking away from the arcade-like gameplay that earlier games in the SmackDown!

This game is the first time a game in the SmackDown! It is also the last game in the series to be released exclusively for the PlayStation consoles. It is the best selling game for the PlayStation 2 console out of the series. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tekken 6. Tekken 5. Tekken 3.

WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006

God of War — Ghost of Sparta. Powerful System Monitor v5. Battery Widget Reborn v2. Dead Gears. The Beginning. Smart Keyboard Pro v Take Off The Flight Simulator. Draw Something v2. Raw Spread the love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Games You may Like.We're looking for new staff members with passion for Wrestling and WWE games, and willingness to contribute in any of the website areas. If you're interested, feel free to Contact Us!

Share Tweet Share. Big Show. Booker T. Bret Hart. British Bulldog. Charlie Haas. Chavo Guerrero. Chris Benoit. Chris Jericho.

Chris Masters. Christy Hemme. Danny Basham. Doug Basham. Eddie Guerrero. Hogan 80's. Hollywood Hogan. Hulk Hogan. Jake Roberts. Jimmy Hart. John Cena.

Joy Giovanni.

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Junkyard Dog. Khosrow Daivari. Kurt Angle. Mark Jindrak. Michelle McCool. Muhammad Hassan. Orlando Jordan. Paul London. Randy Orton. Rene Dupree. Rey Mysterio. Ric Flair.

Rob Van Dam. Robert Conway.

caws x smackdown! vs raw 2006 [archivio]

Scotty 2 Hotty.


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